106th General Assembly

      Speaker Jimmy Naifeh has just brought the gavel down on the new session.

12:12 Right now they are naming all of the representatives of the 106th general assembly.

12:20 The members have been sworn in.

12:30 Naifeh and Odom tried to recess for 30 minutes and Mumpower objected.  The first fireworks of the day.  Rep. Odom says he just wants a recess for people to take pictures and for guests to leave.  Mumpower says it is very unusual and is trying to move it to the table.

12:31 The new member Terri Lynn Weaver must have gotten confused and voted for the recess.  So we’ll be back at 1.

1:00 And we’re back.

1:02 Speaker elections are going on right now.  Rep. Jason Mumpower is being nominated.

1:09 Rep. Odom has asked to approach the well, objecting to the motion to nominate Mumpower. 

1:10 Wow…this is getting ugly.

1:15  Here’s the deal.  Republicans are trying to close all nominations except for Mumpower’s.  Odom wants to make a nomination, Rep. Casada is trying to block all other nominations using a procedural.  But Rep. Mumpower has just withdrawn his objection.

1:20 Whoa!  Odom just nominated Rep.  Williams for Speaker.

1:25 We’re taking the votes.  All Democrats stayed with Williams.

Wow.  Williams got 50 votes.  He is a Republican, but this is HUGE.  People are yelling “sellout!” here in the chambers.  Williams is about to speak.

Williams is asking for members to hear him out. He says today is an historical day because it is the end of the Speaker Naifeh’s run.  He says he realizes the disappointment and hurt of a lot of leaders of the Republican party.  He says today is about change.  He says Republicans will get to vote on the legislation they’ve never gotten to vote on.


One Response

  1. Rep Weaver got confused because it was confusing. Speaker Naifeh should have stopped and clarified the motion.

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