Governor on Superdelegates

      Governor Bredesen had a media availability today at the airport.  He reiterated his decision to “make his feelings known” about who he prefers for the Democratic nomination after Tuesday’s primaries and is encouraging other superdelegates to do the same.  In addition, he commented on the DNC’s decision about counting the Michigan and Florida delegates, saying he felt that should have been resolved a lot sooner.  I asked about whether his proposed “superdelegate primary” would have cleared up the Democratic nomination a lot sooner.  He said if things are resolved soon (as in the end of the week), then a superdelegate primary wouldn’t have made a difference.  But, he says, if this infighting goes on any longer, then it may have been a difference maker. 

 I am at the Ryman Auditorium right now, waiting for John McCain’s town hall meeting to start.  There was a rather large line of people waiting to snag a seat inside the meeting.  Some of the people outside were fervent McCain supporters, some were exactly the opposite.  In addition, there is a crowd of protestors wearing George W Bush masks holding signs saying “100 more years in Iraq” etc. 

 I’ll blog more later.  Of course, if you want to see the entire town hall event, you can see it live streamed on


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